Buzzworthy Bestie Justin Tranter Meets Stevie Nicks!

(Credit: Derek Storm)

Last week, Buzzworthy Bestie Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons had pretty much the BEST week ever! After Kate Moss personally invited him to a Topshop VIP party, where he danced with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (I. SWEAR!), he got invited to a Stevie Nicks listening party at Greenhouse in New York, where he MET the legendary woman herself. And if you DON'T know who Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac are, let's both please take a moment to feel sorry for you. Go on... I'll wait...

Okay. Read  what Justin Tranter emailed me about meeting the unparalleled Stevie Nicks!

I get invited to a lot of cool things 'cus I've been pounding the pavement of New York City in four-inch heels for a LONG time. But when I got invited to meet STEVIE NICKS at her Sound Stage Sessions listening party I almost died. She is truly one of my biggest inspirations ever. I have every Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks record and DVD. It's almost an issue! Haha.

I called my girl CariDee English from America's Next Top Model, Marc Jacobs model and actor Jimmy Knehans, and my girls Krista and Jen and said 'We HAVE to go!' Me, Caridee and Jimmy schwerked the red carpet while waiting for the gold dust queen of rock 'n' roll to arrive. She made a grand but VERY loving entrance.

After she took photos and signed some things for charity I got to meet her. She was SO sweet and actually wanted to chat. She told me that I looked gorgeous, and that 'the world is going to want to hear real rock 'n' roll soon, so keep on fighting the good fight. Take whatever comes your way in such a weird time in the industry, economy and world.'

Whoa! Stevie Nicks. F**ing Stevie Nicks! My mom is going to be so mad she wasn't with me!

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