+ Here are some new pix of P!nk, looking mighty fine with her ever-elusive "sex cuts" on the sides ("ever-elusive" to us because because we don't ever get our ass to the gym). (The Blemish)

+ Amy Winehouse recently left a trail of tears around a hotel pool in St. Lucia, first streaking topless while mumbling lots of crazy, then riding around every which way on horseback. (Daily Mail)

+ Speaking of riding the white horse, Samantha Ronson posted this pic of her very own "coke cake" on Twitter. Wonder if you can special order those from Baskin Robbins or...  (Gabby Babble)

+ In case the current economic clime hasn't taken its toll on your fanny pack and you've got an extra 500 bucks to blow, Britney's got a "Toxic VIP Tour Package" that will blow. your. mind. (Britney Spears Blackout)

+ Tuesday lolz:  Kim Kardashian's ass gets tore UP by Eminem (and then stuffed into a woodchipper), and she acts like she doesn't mind. (US Magazine)

+ Kelly Clarkson jokingly talks about shooting the video for her next single "I Do Not Hook Up," which involves her crawling "across a table attempting to be sexy in a fantasy." (Kelly Clarkson's Official Blog)

+ A few days ago we talked about some truly amazing pics of Robert Pattinson circa 12 years old, looking well, 12.  Now, we give you a more grown-up version.  In a mesh tank with armpit hair. (E! Online)

+ Possibly celebrating her last season on The Hills, Lauren Conrad and her boyfriend Kyle Howard let loose on the beach.  (Socialite Life)