+ The new Hannah Montana movie opened last night in Hollywood and the spotlight found a home not on star Miley Cyrus, but on her BFF Taylor Swift. (MTV News)

+ Breaking news at this hour : The Jonas Brothers just shot the cover of their upcoming CD at a diner in small-town Corsicana, TX. (Navarro County Times)

+ And since it's basically Teen Day on Buzz Bites, it's worth noting that Miley Cyrus has since put down her pitch fork in the centuries-old tiff with the Jonas Brothers. She's teaming up with the talented trifecta for an upcoming "We Are The World"-esque Disney single, and even says Nick is one of her best friends. We kind of miss "Mean Miley" who used to make YouTube videos about Demi Lovato and trash talk Nick up and down the Internets. (Jonas Brothers Fan)

+ We are totally digging this "vintage" Lada GaGa article, complete with (gasp) big brunette hair. (W Magazine)

+ So you've already heard that Zac Efron skipped out on his role in Footloose because he wants to keep challenging himself (first climbing those huuuuuuge HSM mountains, then scaling the Mt. Everest of the movie world, 17 Again). We are seriously considering starting an online petition -- not to keep Zac from making any more movies -- but to have our painfully in-tense BuzzCrush Simon Curtis take the part. Holy HELL do we love this guy. And if you say you don't, you're lying to yourself and we hardly know ye. (hi Si, if you're reading this!) (Socialite Life)

+ This ooey gooey morsel about a maaaaaajorly drunk and bitchy Hilary Duff is bringing us the lolz on this godawful rainy Friday. (Gawker)