Video Interview: Cinema Bizarre Introduces You To... Cinema Bizarre

Put on your little white gloves, kinder, and, if you haven't already, meet the German boy toyz of Cinema Bizarre -- Shin, Yu, Kiro, Romeo Nightengale, and, my favorite, Strify. (Seriously, I LOVE a guy who's not afraid to wear little white gloves!) See how Lady Gaga handpicked them to open for her on her famed Fame Ball tour and get their thoughts on coming to America for the first time and discovering MONSTER ketchup dispensers. Sigh. These guys and their anti-love songs kill me.

And hello -- they're Cherry Tree labelmates with Tokio Hotel (AND Robyn! AND Feist!)!!! The thought of a Tokio Hotel-Cinema Bizarre-Robyn collabo might melt my circuitboard. Or various components of the Tokio fandom. So I won't even get started on how Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre have lots of the same fans but are SO NOT similar (except they ARE both grosses kino) and how Cinema Bizarre isn't really technically visual kei. See? I already started. Okay. Watch Cinema Bizarre because you can't NOT watch them.

+ PS: Cinema Bizarre met Justin Tranter at his Fetty party in New York the other night! I'm so sad -- I was supposed to go but I was sick! Blast and DAMN! Oh well. Check out how amazing the photo is, and watch Justin Tranter's Buzzworthy Style File video!