Ida Maria Takes You Shopping At Topshop In New York!

For the fashion oblivious out there, put DOWN the Lands' End catalog and PAY attention! Topshop -- the British retail authority on fast, fun, and (basically) affordable fashion, the chain adored by stylish sorts of every tax bracket, the must-shop stop for every fashion-forward American tourist visiting London (including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Hudson, and Taylor Momsen, and Christina Aguilera's been rumored to have been in talks to design for the store) heretofore scorned by pouty Americans due to geographic undesirability -- IS FINALLY OPEN IN NEW YORK!

Trust me, those of you who still don't know what I'm talking about, Topshop's Stateside opening is a Very Big Deal. So big that KATE MOSS, who's designed for Topshop, showed up to the opening. Jennifer LOPEZ and Marc Anthony toured the store. The City's Olivia Palermo shopped the shoe section at a VIP shopping event last night. DEBBIE HARRY was there! (DEBBIE HARRY, THE ONE WHO WAS IN BLONDIE!!!) Hopeful shoppers lined up outside the store at the crack of dawn today waiting for Topshop's doors to -- FINALLY! -- swing open to the public. And trend-hungry Americans (myself included) jumped out of their lace-up patent Oxfords over the much-delayed, much-heralded opening of the first-ever American Topshop.

People, Topshop is A RELIGION. A cult of quasi couture -- they take your money, but you hand it over willfully. People at work have stopped me in the BATHROOM to ask me what it's like inside -- colorful, loud, shiny, sparkly, stacked. And the shoes. Holy Lady Gaga, the shoes. Friends who live outside of the city (and friends who live here but fear the swarms of shoppers) have called me the "B" word (no, not "baller" -- the one that rhymes with "itch") because I got a chance to step foot inside the hallowed grounds of glam... And, not to rub it in your face even more (but I will), I was even luckier, because I got to go on a Topshop shopping spree with one of my favorite new artists -- and fearless style icon -- Ida Maria.

If you haven't watched Ida Maria's video, "I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked," catch UP! And if you haven't seen her ignite a stage yet (go for "Oh My God," stay for "Stella"), you NEED to catch her on tour with Glasvegas. But until you pick up the Norwegian glam-rock goddess' new album, Fortress 'Round My Heart, let Ida Maria take you on a tour of New York's favorite new store. Topshop and Ida Maria! Oh my God!