MTV Featured Artist: Chester French

With Chester French, our MTV Featured Artist spots have taken a turn for the deeply weird. Aside from gracing us with the usual exclusive performance video -- the Hall & Oates-y Harvard hitmakers do "C'mon," "She Loves Everybody" and "The Jimmy Choos" live from a bumpin' garden party -- Chester French lend their preppy perfection to a series of creepy public service announcements.

As part of MTV's GYT ("Get Yourself Tested") campaign, D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey split up to lend a hand to women in need. In Wallach's PSA, he coaches a hirsute honey through the challenges of being... a little different. Drummey, meanwhile, shows an older woman how to let go of her pain by simply opening her mouth. I'd tell you more, but I don't wanna spoil the bizarre surprises waiting for you in these twisted clips.

What I will spoil for you, happily, is that Chester French's live performances give new life to their already pulsating singles. It's one thing to hear the smooth jams bump from a set of speakers, and another thing entirely to see the boys kicking them out live to the delight of undulating backyard ladies. So do go to the garden party, darlings.

Watch Chester French's MTV Featured Artist videos. But do stick around for the wacked GYT interludes. They'll mess you up. Here. I'll post one below...