Listen To Heidi Montag's New Song, 'Look How I'm Doin'

(Credit: Miranda Penn Turin)

Heidi Montag's pregnancy was just an April Fool's joke (ha ha?), but her new song, "Look How I'm Doin'," is no laughing matter. (Though others might disagree.)

If you've been following Heidi on Twitter, you know that, when not eating In-N-Out Burger or making out with Spencer at Lakers games, Heidi's been spending ample amounts of time in the studio with the help of Jesus and songwriter Cathy Dennis -- she wrote the American Idol theme song, Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" AND "Touch Me (All Night Long)" which should not be taken lightly!

Listen to the fruits of Heidi's labors, if you will -- it's feels a little like Britney's "Break The Ice," but the ultimate test will be whether it plays Le Deux... actually, make that Don Antonio's.

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