Video Premiere: Day 26, 'Imma Put It On Her'

Guise, we here on earth are faced with some SERIOUS global challenges, and I'm not even talking about nuclear warfare, or climate change, or the fact that, like, most of the world is broke (except for probably Diddy... and Barack Obama, who gave the Queen of England an iPod!).

I'm talking about the fact that THE FUTURE OF DAY 26 REMAINS VERY MUCH IN JEOPARDY! Dudes are fighting harder than Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler! Are they gonna get it together and remain a band of bros? Or will they go the way of Danity Kane?

I don't have the answers, but I do have a brand-new video by Day 26. It's called "Imma Put It On Her," and in it, the Making The Band members, plus Diddy (obvs), make it very clear that whether you're in da club, on da beach, or in Taiwan,  they're gonna put it on you... and then take it right off. I'll raise a glass of Ciroq Obama and toast to that.