V Factory Answers Your Buzzworthy Fan Questions

How is it possible that none of you demanded to know what was made in a V Factory?!?! It's the most obvious and maybe the most important question in the world today! That major oversight aside, you guys did a great job of coming up with questions for V Factory. And to their credit, even though they're a boy ba-ahem, guy group, they knew all the answers! But that's no surprise, really. These dudes are sharp.

I'm sure you're eager to get to the video, so I'll keep this brief. But before we get to V Factory, I have a little spoiler for you: All of the answers are Justin Timberlake. I'm not April Fool's-ing you!

Get the lowdown on V Factory's tour plans, dream collabos, and favorite pick-up lines when they answer YOUR questions, live from the 17th floor at MTV HQ!