New(-ish) Video, Pink, 'Please Don't Leave Me'

You just need to watch Pink's latest video, "Please Don't Leave Me," directed by Dave Meyers, to assume that she's probably been spending a LOT of time filling up her Netflix queue with some of freakiest horror films of the past century. There's some Misery business, a glimmer of The Shining, and even a little Monkey Shines for good measure in this twisted tale of romance gone horribly, hideously awry. Oh yeah, and did you ever see What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Don't. You'll sleep with the lights on for a week.

Watch Pink's "Please Don't Leave Me" for an honest -- albeit ostensibly exaggerated -- look at a woman unafraid to admit her relationship issues and do it in wardrobe pieces that match her album's Funhouse theme, with a little Clockwork Orange thrown in for added traumatic effect. Oh yeah, the dude in the video? That's Eric Lively -- brother of Gossip Girl's Blake Lively! Anyway, you've gotta respect Pinkfor her willingness to air her dirty laundry and shortcomings -- even if you don't wanna be anywhere in her general vicinity when she's chopping veggies.