Kid Cudi Spring Break Exclusive: 'Please Don't Hold Me, Tiny Dancer'

Kid Cudi tells a story in his exclusive MTV Spring Break video about being invited to an Christmas dinner in Atlanta by the mother of his dream collaborator, Andre 3000. It's a shame he never married Erykah Badu, because if he had, it would mean that Kid Cudi had technically been in contact with Andre 3000's baby's mama's mama-in-law, which would be a great segue into a "Ms. Jackson" remix.

Aside from flagging down collaborators, Kid Cudi uses the interview to hype up his debut album, Man On The Moon, and to get down to basics about the hottest thing on the beach: the girls. He also manages to bash one of music's biggest names, only to declare him "the best," seconds later. Only in Panama City Beach ... Click play below to see who he disses and to get the inside scoop on how Kid Cudi gets down when Kanye's not around.