The Buzz On: Vince Vaccaro

The Canadian border that separates Vancouver from Washington State is slimmer than you might give it credit for. In fact, it's arguable that grunge started in Vancouver when one of its most famous sons, Neil Young, moved his flannels south to California. No matter what the origin, that grungy out-West attitude has been ping-ponging between Seattle and Vancouver for ages, and producing extraordinary musical results along the way.

Vancouver's latest contribution to the woodsy-rocking world is Vince Vaccaro, a Canadian longhair with ties to hometown hero, Sam Roberts. Forever in Chucks and a bandana, Vaccaro builds new-school classic rock ballads out of heartbreak guitars and his unstoppable voice. The soaring, heartfelt results are as much Snow Patrol as they are Journey. Sounds pretty irresistible, right? Well, it is. Get familiar with this charismatic Canadian on his website, watch the acoustic performance video after the jump and spread the word!

vince vaccaro - left alone from kynantait on Vimeo.