Jim Jones Dogs Jay-Z And Mo'Nique From His Spring Break Throne

It is plain to see that Jim Jones is a businessman. Not only does he have that healthy glow of comfort, but his efficiency is downright enviable. Over the course of one MTV Spring Break interview, he manages to level Jay-Z, light up Keri Hilson, dog Mo'Nique and challenge Asher Roth to break a world record.

Let's start with Jay-Z: When asked what a baller should wear to beach, Jim Jones responds, "An expensive watch and a pair of Hov' slippers -- that's thong sandals -- NOT!" Remember the Cam'ron-instigated controversy a few years back over Jay-Z's footwear? Well, apparently it never died. And this diss (any diss, really) is at its harshest when it's sealed with a "NOT!" (No matter how dated that Wayne's World reference may be.) Thank you, Jim Jones, for keeping your beefs at an eighth grade level, where we all can digest them easily.

Second, Keri Hilson vs. Mo'Nique. This is where it gets really cruel ... Jones confesses to wanting to see that spunky young thing, Keri Hilson, in a bathing suit ("She got that energy!"). In the same breath he cautions Mo'Nique to keep it under wraps, whispering, "She too big!" Now that is just cold, Jim Jones.

Finally, the Dipset all-star challenges Asher Roth to go where no man has gone before and find a way to kiss five girls at the same time. He doesn't give any clues as to how this feat of engineering could be pulled off, but he does sound very confident in Asher Roth. And he should be! Those two spent the week together, clowning MTV's Spring Break, redefining what a party can be with a series of monster performances. Gettin' that Panama City Beach crowd ALL THE WAY down. Watch Jim Jones' stunningly productive interview in full, right here: