How Do You Feel About Joe Jonas' New Haircut?

A funny thing must've happened on the way to the Nickeodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2009 this past Saturday. Seems like Joe Jonas tripped and fell on a pair of scissors, stood up and turned into Adrian Grenier 2.0, except exponentially better looking, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong -- I wouldn't kick Adrian Grenier off my friend! for eating Lunchables, but Adrian's hot 50% of the time, and the other 50% he kinda has a weird ape-like expression that makes me feel like I can't really trust him, whereas Joe Jonas looks good ALWAYS.

Anyway, what's your take on Joe Jonas' new haircut? I mean CLEARLY it's MILES above Camp Rock, and it also looks a little easier to maintain next to what I'll refer to as his A Little Less Longer hair, since this is clearly his Lines, Vines And Trying Times (or whatever the new Jonas Brothers album will be called) look.

Leave a comment below, and tell me whether you love Joe Jonas' new hair, hate it (traitor!), or prefer Adrian Grenier, and why!

And, appropriately, watch Pavement's classic "Cut Your Hair" video.