Buzz Bites -- 3/30/09: Britney Flies The Friendly Skies... Of Snacks

+ What's the first thing any kid does when their parents go out of town? PIG OUT! Maybe that's the real reason Britney Spears is so concerned about her father getting too involved in her life. (Star / Just Jared)

+ Is Mariah Carey smothering Nick Cannon? Did the future America's Got Talent host buy his boo a Jack Russell Terrier for their anniversary because he's had enough of her petting? Nahhhhh. (MTV News)

+ After seeing that steam-fest Ciara video, "Love Sex Magic," it's no great shocker that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are on the outs. That or JB found out about Tamar... (I Don't Like You In That Way)

+ Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt : Ghost Whisperers :: Madonna : Baby Snatcher (NY Daily News)

+ Look out, Avenue Q... Here comes Boulevard Of Broken Dreams! Apparently plans are underway to adapt Green Day's American Idiot into... brace yourself ... a musical! WEIRD. (Perez Hilton)

+ Remember that super controversial sculpture of Britney giving birth on a bearskin rug that made headlines a few years ago? Well, it turns out that was actually super tasteful compared to this Rihanna "art." (Y! News)