Asher Roth's MTV Spring Break 101

When Asher Roth isn't busy putting the "higher" in higher education -- um, his album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, comes out APRIL 20TH, and, as you know, he REALLY loves college -- Asher's basically been minoring in spring break.

Asher Roth has already taught you not to pass out with your shoes on. Now watch him address many top-of-mind spring break concerns, from breaking stuff, to dominating the MTV Panama City Beach scene with Jim Jones, to not waking up short one kidney, to Oprah Winfrey in a bikini. 

Plus, watch him perform "I Love College" and "La Di Da." And check out Lil Wayne and Young Money on their tour bus, watch live MTV Spring Break performances, and get more of MTV's 2009 Spring Break-a-palooza. And remember: What happens at spring break stays with you... possibly forever... often in the form of itchy, incurable sores! Stay safe, kids!