3OH!3 Tour Diary: Panama City Spring Break Is Bonkers

This is it! The final tour diary from the lovely and amazing 3OH!3. And babies, let me tell you, it sure does deliver. This time around, Nat and Sean are checking in from Panama City Beach, Florida, where they were a major factor in the insanity that is MTV Spring Break 2009. Dive right in (they did!) to your last weekend of 3OH!3, in which they stay up all night, declare their love for men, toss their cookies, and crash their Jet Skis. Must be Spring Break!

PANAMA CITY BEACH your lovely shores are stocked full of hot bodies and no reservations. We were just in Cancun and it was pretty g*ddamn epic, so we were trying to top it here.

We met up with our boy Benny Blanco at the airport in Atlanta on the way -- he came down from NYC to hang out and DJ for us. If you don't know, Benny is the illest beatmaker and producer in the world right now. His s**t is insane. He's done Britney, Spank Rock, B.o.B. and I co-produced "Don't Trust Me" with him. We are in love with him. He's in love with us. It's one of those things. Don't judge.

We got into the hotel and worked on the set until we couldn't keep our eyes open any more.

Wake-up call. We went to the beach to record a bunch of interviews for the different MTV networks. We said some dumb s**t probably, maybe some smart s**t intermingled in there. Probably mostly dumb s**t. Over to the beach to check out the stage and soundcheck. It was a rad setup -- mad people already and they were going off for our sound check. I threw cookies out to the crowd for some reason. People seemed stoked.

We started the show and s**t went OFF!!! There were something like 6-7,000 people on a BEACH... in FLORIDA... under the SUN... with all sorts of cameras and loud speakers. It was so much fun out there. We went crowd-surfing with our little pink and blue inner-tubes. Benny killed the set.

We got done and went straight to renting Jet Skis. Good idea. We crashed going like 45.

MTV SPRING BREAK ---  I love spring break now. So much. Man, that was a fun day...

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