New Found Glory Rock The Ermmm... Deuce?

Does it mean I'm a real adult if the name "Rock The Deuce" has stopped making me giggle but continues to take my mind to the gutter, calmly and objectively? "Rock The Deuce," my inner monologue goes, "I guess that means 'Poop... Awesomely.' Okay." Am I a grown-up? Probably not. There's no way this tangent will make it past Tamar.

Something tells me that the humor in that title -- "Rock The Deuce" -- isn't lost on New Found Glory, who recently hosted the show. Among other things, the chronically self-deprecating smart-asses declare themselves superheroes, show off a customized Snuggie that Haley from Paramore sent them and go on about the hotness of her bandmate Josh (sound familiar?). How can a band so sarcastic not be thinking to themselves, "Hmmm... deuce...?"

But it's not all jokes. There comes a time in every episode of "Rock The Deuce" when a band gets down to business. In this edition, New Found Glory get serious about the literal physical pain of shooting their most recent video, "Listen To Your Friends." They also take a moment to show off their ringtones and list a few of their favorite new bands (e.g. Trapped Under Ice, Fireworks, Wolves In The Throne Room, Tombs and Matt & Kim).

Finally, New Found Glory get down to what "Rock The Deuce" is all about and play their favorite new videos. Among them: Rise Against, My Chemical Romance, Lil Wayne, Mastodon and -- don't judge -- New Found Glory! Stream the entire New Found Glory episode of "Rock The Deuce" below. And please, don't think too much about what it might mean.