Video Battle: Flo Rida's 'Right Round' Vs. Dead Or Alive's 'You Spin Me Round'

We recently put together a playlist over here called "Be The Change." It includes videos from Daughtry, Common, Green Day, Will.I.Am and other artists who are doing their part to join Barack Obama in moving the country forward. What a terrible oversight it was not to include Flo Rida.

Have you seen the original "You Spin Me Round" video? Have you ever even seen a photo of Dead Or Alive, the band responsible for it? Oh my holy Lord, how times have changed.

Shot in what appears to be a Sears portrait studio, "You Spin Me Round" is basically a walking, talking Yellow Pages ad for a pirate law firm. Dudes in unthinkable hairstyles and business suits (with the exception of the crimped leading she-man in the eye patch and the kimono) pose with their elbows on each others' shoulders and their grins set to "win." It's downright unbelievable.

Any practical artist would have trashed the video at first glance and started over. Not Flo Rida. He's a humanitarian with a vision for the future. While preserving certain visual cues, such as a shimmering disco ball and a variation on the eye-patch called "sunglasses," Flo Rida ushers in an era of accountability (err... sorta) by trading out the suits for shortie-shorts on fly girls. He replaces the law firm / maypole sequence with a glossy black turntable slathered in chicks. As for the vampire fingernails... well he just completely ditches them. Wise.

Thanks Flo Rida! Thanks for making America great again! Watch Flo Rida's update below and the original after the jump!