The Buzz On: School Of Seven Bells

I think a good point of reference for School Of Seven Bells is "Dreams" by The Cranberries. You remember that heavy-breathing Liliith Fair floater with the yodeling solo from the 1990s? Well, School Of Seven Bells aren't quite as... gum-commercial-worthy as that old classic, but they sure are breathy and floaty. The Brooklyn-based trio, made up of identical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza (formerly On! Air! Library!) and guitarist Benjamin Curtis (formerly Secret Machines) have a much darker edge.

Driven by tribal rhythms and the pulse and burble of esoteric electronics, their vaguely Far-Eastern chants sound more like actual dreams, than they do The Cranberries' kind. Compare their "Half Asleep" video to The Cranberries' "Dreams." It's damn near a cover! Then go dig around SVIIB's website for more music.