New Video: Mastodon, 'Divinations'

(Photo Credit: James Minchin)

You know, I never noticed until I watched Mastodon's new "Divinations" video (Thanks Headbangers Blog!), that snow is totally '70s. Have you seen this stuff? Man, think about how it falls. All slow and lazy, all left to right like it's watching a Pink Floyd laser light show with its eyes closed, like "pffff whatever I'm snow and I look like stars and there's nothing you can do about it." And dude. Have you seen how fluffy it is? Oh my God. Snow is so fluffy. It makes Farrah Fawcett's hair look like raw spaghetti.

Anyway, snow is all over this new video, "Divinations," from Atlanta nü-metal heroes, Mastodon. And, unsurprisingly, it's hardcore '70s. Maybe that's a little weird, considering that it's about dreadlocked cavemen with light-up eyes, drinking from skulls and gnarling out on a mountaintop... But whatever. Look at all the lens flare! Look at the grizzly blue jeans facial hair! And yo, think about Led Zeppelin. They were all about ogres and misty mountains, and what's more '70s than Led Zeppelin? Well... maybe fighting Sasquatch with flying-V's that shoot lightning? Maybe this righteous new Mastodon video. You tell me. And watch for Mastodon's crucial new record, Crack The Skye, out March 24.