Buzzworthy Twitters With Diddy! The Tantric Sex Edition!

For our latest installment of "Buzzworthy Twitters With," let's say twhello to our favorite Daddy formerly known as Puff, Diddy!

His tweets are in bold, our responses are in italics. Herrrre. Weeee. Goh!

I'm back!!! I was a little under the weather. Partied a little to hard. Lol   5:24 PM Feb 26th from TwitterBerry

Oh snap! It's hard out here for a pimp. We feel you, Diddy.

I feel very overwhelmed!!!. What do you do to help with that. Help me!!!   12:47 AM Feb 27th from TwitterBerry

Well, yoga might be cool? Or knitting? OR maybe starting a new reality TV show?? We hear that's kinda relaxing too...

In a stolen car on sunset with jonah hill and hype williams. Somebody call the cops!!!! Lol I'm serious   2:01 AM Feb 27th from TwitterBerry

WHAT THE?? A. You roll with Jonah Hill? That is amazing! LOVE him! B. Why is your ass in a stolen car!? C. Speaking of reality TV shows, Diddy Dispatches People To Junior's For Cheesecake Or To KFC From Behind Prison Bars would be *such* a killer show.

Having tantric sex!!!! I feel so much better.!!! Thank you   8:29 AM Feb 27th from TwitterBerry

Wow. Why. On. Earth. Did. You. Tweet. This. WHHHHYYYYYYY??? Please don't tell me Sting was involved. (Washing my eyes out with bleach).

For all those just tuning in. I'm 6 and half hrs in on a 36 hour tantric sex session. Welcome    3:59 PM Feb 27th from TwitterBerry

Uhm, Dear Dids/ Pappa Diddy/ Pops: please stop talking about gettin' busy. We don't want to have to beg, but we're not above it either.

If anyone is with q tip. Tell him to call me pls!!!!!   9:03 PM Feb 27th from TwitterBerry

Yo, Q-Tip Twitters too! Direct message dat ass (are there ANY celebs not in the Twitterverse now?). Also, thanks for not mentioning tantric sex again.

I believe I can fly!!! I'm flying!!! You can fly to if too if you would just BELIEVE!!!!! BELIEVE!!!!!! Do you BELIEVE??????   6:37 AM Feb 28th from TwitterBerry

You know what Diddy, we USED TO believe. But after following your 36-hour tantric Twitter sex fest, we no longer believe in living anymore.

We believe in Twitter and Diddy... but please, no moar tantric, dude. See you round the Twitterverse! Until then, appropriately, R. Kelly...