New Video: A Day To Remember, 'The Downfall Of Us All'

The cops are after A Day To Remember, and if that's not enough to make you wanna listen to them, then how in the world is Pete Doherty so famous? Because Babyshambles is really good? Errrm...

Based out of Ocala, Florida, A Day To Remember play a mash of metal, hardcore, emo and whatever else you got. They call it "pop mosh." Catchy, eh? They built their traveling riot from the ground up, financing their first EP themselves, grabbing strangers by their collars and screaming in their faces until those strangers became fans. Now they're on the road with The Devil Wears Prada and Sky Eats Airplane, among many others, gearing up for a summer on the Warped Tour.

In the brand-new video for "The Downfall Of Us All," A Day To Remember rub a squad of om-nomming donut-loving cops the wrong way and spend a good chunk of the video running their asses off. See how it all goes down -- so conveniently! -- right here: