New Video: Jamie Foxx, 'Blame It'

Remember when Biggie did "One More Chance?" Back in '95 it was the monster jam with Mary J. Blige and Biggie's wife-to-be Faith Evans on the hook. To match its monster-jamness, Biggie enlisted the man, Hype Williams, to direct the video, and called on a whole posse of talent to star. By the time the project wrapped, it included appearances by Heavy D, Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri, Queen Latifah, Tyson Beckford, Aaliyah, Diddy and TONS of others. The all-starred-ness of "One More Chance" was then pretty much unprecedented (unless you're a HUGE Chevy Chase fan).

Is it obvious yet what all this jibba jabba is leading up to? Let's just say it: Jamie Foxx went and made a video so fly, so celebbed out, that even Biggie, on his golden hip-hop throne up thur in the sky, can't touch it.

"Blame It," also directed by Hype Williams, includes performances by Ron Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal, T-Pain, Forest Whitaker, Samuel Jackson, Quincy Jones, Morris Chestnut, Tatyana Ali, Cedric The Entertainer, and more, making it officially the biggest video you ever even heard of. Sorry, Jared Leto. Sorry, Kanye. Thi$ i$ it.