Hollywood Undead Rocks The Deuce

What is it about rapcore/ nu-metal hybrids that make dudes wanna wear masks or do weird things to their eyeballs? Case in point: Slipknot, Insane Clown Posse, Wes Borland, Adam Siska once, and Marilyn Manson always (dude, remember his eyes in "The Beautiful People"? And his scary Saw dental work?)

Whatever it is, Hollywood Undead is keeping the traditional alive, and they're also one of the biggest things to hit the Internet since Google. Seriously. Dudes blew up on MySpace and quickly had people realizing that there were cooler people to be friends with on MySpace than just "Tom," and they're currently crossing the country on the Saints & Sinners tour.

In case you're keeping track, my favorite members are J-Dog and Deuce, but only because I like their masks the most.

+ Watch Hollywood Undead's interviews and favorite videos on MTV2's "You Rock the Deuce."