You're All 'ENOUGH JONAS BROTHERS ALREADY!' What's Going On With Tokio Hotel?

What's always surprising and cool to me is how, like, if you were to draw a Venn Diagram of Jonas Brothers fans and Tokio Hotel fans, that intersection of Tokio-Jonas fans (Jonio? Tokas?) is actually wider than it originally seemed back before that unofficial ceasefire was called. And, you know, the fact that both bands were nominated for the Worst Band Award at the Shockwaves NME Awards at least means that the guys have one more thing in common, besides die-hard, fantastic fans. Huzzah for diversified musical tastes, I say. (This from the girl with The Clipse and Taylor Swift on the same iPod.)

Anyway, just in case you're all Team Tokio all the way and need a little break from Unofficial Jonas Week (they DO have a 3D movie AND a new album out this week, so you do understand, right?), let's take a look at WTF Tokio Hotel's been up to recently amidst all the Jonas mania.

+ The guys are STILL putting the finishing touches on their still-delayed next album. Still. As in, still. But apparently the new album will feature 12 new songs, down from 20, which were all recorded between Los Angeles and Germany.

+ Bill and Tom got new Audis! Tom got a grey Audi R8, and Bill's sitting behind the wheel of a white Audi Q7. Yay!

+ The Ohio State University cheerleading team used "Ready Set Go" in a cheer routine. (And did you hear We The Kings in there too?) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Tokio! (And Bucks -- that's my home state! Whut!?)

+ But perhaps most astonishing: As of January 2009, Tokio Hotel's "Monsoon" video was the 38th most-watched video on YouTube EVER. Like MORE WATCHED than Michael Jackson's "Thriller." (As of this post, "Monsoon" has 31.8 million views and "Thriller" has jumped to 33.3, causing me to believe that MJ is sitting in a cave somewhere, furiously clicking away. God knows he can't afford to pay people to do it for him.) But MAN do you guys have a lot of time on your hands! Therefore... Might as well watch it again... On! ; ) (You know, help me keep my job and stuff!)