Buzz Bites — 2/27/2009: Keri Hilson Lives In A Perfect World

+ FINALLY! After being shelved multiple times, Keri Hilson's new album. In a Perfect World is set to drop on March 24th. Special K's lookin' hot-to-def on the album cover, as usual. (Neon Limelight)

+ Just a few questions for you this Friday afternoon:  Does Kristen Stewart wash her hair?  Can her friends recommend a better stylist?  DOES SHE KNOW SHE'S STANDING IN A STEAMING HOT MEATBALL SUB THAT IS ROBERT PATTINSON AND TAYLOR LAUTNER??????  Maybe she needs lasik.  (PopSugar)

+ Speaking of Twilight, what's this about Drew Barrymore being on the short list of directors for three-quel Eclipse?  Is there a long list?? (Entertainment Weekly)

+ Imagine being on stage in six-inch heels and having Rachael Ray spewing at you like a broken sewer main, telling you how attractive you are.  This is a recurring dream of mine.  And it really happened to Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons. (Page Six)

+ MGMT is laying the smack down on music stealer French President Nicolas Sarkozy for using their song "Kids" in online videos and elsewhere, without permish.  What a loser... (E! Online)

+ If performing is therapy, then she must have maxed out her copay!  Jennifer Hudson visited Oprah and let everyone know she's "in a very good place."  We're pullin' for you, lady. (People)