Free Download: Asher Roth, 'The Lounge'

(Photo Credit: Ben Ritter)

Asher Roth loves college. This much we already know. The one-man party-starter / panty-dropper / boring-stopper's got the skills to make your weekend evenings ill. But can he kick it? Yes he can. On "The Lounge," Asher mellows out on the story of a sophisticated rapper over a smoky, black-tie piano loop. It sounds like Tribe Called Quest. And guess what? Not only does Asher Roth bring all sortsa good to the table, but he also brings it for free. Get yourself over there for your limited-time-only VIP admittance to "The Lounge" with Asher Roth.

+ Free download: Asher Roth's "The Lounge"

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