Top 5 Ways You Too Can Look Like Katy Perry!

No matter what Katy Perry does for the rest of her life, she'll be hard-pressed to escape her rep as the girl-kissing, cherry Chapstick-abusing, slightly lesbian-leaning pop star.

However, she's also quite the style icon amongst fashion bloggers, and her name is even popping up on eBay as a style search term.

Her looks are undeniably unforgettable -- peel-away banana boob, anyone? So if you wanna bust out like Katy, here are the top 5 style steps you need to take, prontos!

5. Wear Short Skirts...VERY Short: Finish this sentence: Lady GaGa is to leotards what Katy Perry is to_____ Here's a hint: It's SHORT SKIRTS. Like, old-school Cher micro minis. They are CRUCIAL.

4. Smiley Faces: Apparently smiley faces aren't just for your Facebook chats or Twitter status updates or Gnarls Barkley anymore. Attach them to as many articles of clothing as you can, pls! : ) ;P

3. Get Inspired By Other Celebs & Eras: Like Michael Jackson! Or Carmen Miranda! Or '80s glam!

2. Pants = Tight: As the Beastie Boys once put it, "Her pants were tight and that's okay!" So with their blessing and Katy Perry's endorsement, make sure your pants are as tight as possible and/or leather. Both? You're golden!

1. Baby Pink! Katy Perry loves her some pink. Espeshers pink dresses. In fact, if you don't like pink, none of this is going to work at all. Embrace it.

NOTE: We do not, however, under any circumstances, condone the Zebra pantsuit... please proceed with caution. Good luck!