Is This Jonas Brothers Interview Actually Family Counseling?

No, it's not as old as this REALLY old Jonas Brothers interview, and yessss, I know, this video of the Jonas Brothers interviewing each other is "old," as in two days old, which is ancient in Jonas Standard Time, because at this point you've probably already watched it 300 times. But it's worth another look to see the guys reveal deep-rooted sibling secrets -- they've LIED to each other!

Plus, watch the Jonas Brothers talk panda bears, stalking Paul McCartney, Kevin's impression of Prince, Joe's tongue-in-cheek nod to EVERYONE'S MySpace BFF, Tom, a quick mention of Kings of Leon (interesting to note who else is into KOL) Nick's stalwart refusal to engage in role playing (it's almost impossible for him to pretend he's an animal), and Mr. President's subtle reference to therapy: "How does that make you feel," Jonas fans?

Whatevs. You're too busy picking out your outfit for TOMORROW'S BIG JB3D PREMIERE! (Did you get your tickets yet?) Because you never know who might show up!