MTV Featured Artist: K'naan

I read somewhere that they're trying to change February from Black History Month to Black Future Month, which sounds to me like a really good idea. Minor a shift as that may be, it goes hand in hand with the new spirit of our time, which refuses to allow the negativity of the recent past to stand in the way of positive, enlightened progress. Not to get all cheesed out on you here, but aren't we all ready to move forward?

K'naan already has. In fact, maybe K'naan just started out ahead of the curve. Born in a raging warzone (in a neighborhood called The Lake Of Blood), the Somali MC just sees things differently, making him exactly the right dude to send out the first-ever Black Future Month.

All month long, K'naan has been enriching MTV with exclusive Black History Month content. He acknowledges the need to remember, but also emphasizes the importance of building our own world based on our own dreams. Looking forward with positive attitudes. Revisit K'naan's MTV videos and, while you're at it, get into K'naan's break-out jams, "ABC's" and "Strugglin."