Buzz Bites — 2/26/2009: John Mayer Has A Big Mouth

+ John Mayer sure has a lot to say about Britney Spears for not having done anything with himself in the last five years.  Irrelevant?  What?  (Pop Crunch)

+ Aussie pop rockers (and personal faves -- sooiiiiiii cuyote) The Veronicas prove they're not as 'Untouched' as people think.  (Undercover)

+ Since the not-at-all overexposed rap industry will be down a man when T.I. goes a boot-scootin' to Sing Sing, LL Cool J is holdin' auditions, ya'll!  (The Hip Hop Chronicle UK)

+ Bitty Bite (to scale):  Bored?  Help Chester French name their new mixtape?  (Chester French)

+ In caaaaase you missed this from a couple of days ago, what the EFF is wrong with Kellie Pickler???????  '07 feels so breezy!  '09 is like the French Maid from Clue!!  (Cele|bitchy)

+ It's a JoBro NO SHOW for Taylor Swift (to the 3-D Movie Premiere, that is) -- who needs them anyway when there's plenty of other sweaty men to cheer for?  (OceanUP)

+ Speaking of sweaty men, I'm sure Ne-Yo was turning it OUT while recently on the road with Jazmine Sullivan, my little soul sister.  Hey girl hey.  (Neon Limelight)

+ Yummy-on-a-stick (not skewered, but like, wraaaaapped arrrrounnd it) Gavin DeGraw will soon release some new material collectively titled Free.  Could he just take that hat off for one second?  Or FOREVER?  Seriously! We don't CARE if you have no hair a perm.  (E Spot)