Buzzworthy Twitters With Lily Allen!

(Credit: Gregg Delman)

Since we've been having so much furns "Buzzworthy blogging with" our fave celebs, we thought it was time to expand ourselves into the Twitterverse.

For our first installment, let's say twhello to our favorite beer-hat-wearing, #1-striving, fame-"Fear"-ing starlet, Lily Allen!

Her Tweets are in bold (and, unlike Kanye West whose Caps Lock button's on perma-stuck, Lily favors lowercase... and grammar mistakes). Our responses are in italics. Here we go!

today has been odd. i did an interview in a spaceship and went on what looked like a japanese version of going live and willy wonka. weird 2:31 AM Feb 24th from web

As if the spaceship comment wasn't weird enuff, Lils also got dressed up in all sorts of weird furry costumes on her trip to Jpanz. And, of course, still looked adorbs.

lost in translation , bigtime 6:56 PM Feb 23rd from web

Japanese definitely seems confusing. And lonely. Remember how bummed Scarlett Johansson got in that movie?

today, i will b mostly purchasing fancy dress costumes, so excited 3:23 PM Feb 21st from web

Squeee!!! We're gonna assume that "fancy dress costumes" = lots of pretty dresses and get excited for Lily's ass too!

Oh my god , bad lunch, can't stop vomiting. 10:49 PM Feb 18th from TwitterBerry

T... M... I.

Lily holds the record for the highest percentage digital sales for first week. This week, digital downloads equaled 63% of her total sales.   10:18 PM Feb 18th from TwitterBerry

Yay for you Lily! Guess going online and asking people to do stuff actually works!

does anyone have any russian dog proverbs, dont ask, just think   11:27 PM Feb 16th from mobile web

We found this one: "If you are a host to your guest, be a host to his dog also." (Russian). Also, that was really weird.

@perezhilton I know you will, and that's what makes you a cheap ass whore. Now leave me alone, stop following me, I'm working. Bye x x

There was a LOT more Perez Hilton chatter, but you totes got the last word on this one, Lilz.

I basically am the stimulus package.   10:15 PM Feb 15th from TwitterBerry

Wait, did we just intercept a Tweet from Kanye?

Byeeee!!! See you round the Twitterverse, Lily! xx