Vintage Video: SUPER Old-School Jonas Brothers MTV Interview!

(Credit: Brian Appio)

Just unearthed this EXTREMELY old MTV News video interview with the Jonas Brothers. From the looks of Joe's hair, this looks to be of a 2006/ "Mandy," It's About Time/ (Columbia Records = SUCKAHS!)-era Jonas vintage. It also appears as though they're chilling at an H&M.

One of the weirdest things about the interview is that Nick's smiling (!) and laughing (!!) and playing with a random scarf the whole time. The guys also each enumerate the things they're looking for in lady friends. (Joe was into blondes, which was sorta true...)

Watch and be amazed by the mini Jonases who, today, could never in a zillion years just hang out in a regular store. And check out my review of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience!

PS: You definitely know these super old-school Jonas Brothers photos from 2006, but did you know that they were shot exclusively for/ at MTV? Photographer Brian Appio shot the Jonas Brothers back when the guys could still walk the streets freely and could barely get the attention of any music execs anywhere. Brian said the JBs came in just with their dad! Cut to three years (and major security patrol, including Big Rob and the Commish!) later, and he also shot these amazing photos of the guys at the Jonas Brothers Experience MTV special the other week.