Jonas Brothers 'Win' (?) Worst Band Award At Shockwaves NME Awards

EW, NME SHOCKWAVES! YOU'RE BIG MEANIES for giving the Jonas Brothers the Worst Band Award at tonight's NME Shockwave Awards.

Also, BRITAIN, WHY IS YOUR ORANGE JUICE LIKE $7 USD, HUH? And why do you call lady parts "fannies"? THAT MEANS BUTT! And seriously, you think the Jonas Brothers are bad? Um, I'll see the Jonas Brothers (and Tokio Hotel, because they were nominated too and I AM very protective of them!) and raise you WESTLIFE, Lisa Scott-Lee, Paul Oakenfold, Victoria Beckham, and that dude from X-Factor. Also, with a movie and soundtrack out in the same week and a TV show and world tour coming up, Jonas Brothers are pretty much the Bill Gates of teen culture. They're everywhere. Get used to it.

I'll give you the Beatles, Britain, but first you need to take responsibility Blackout Crew. Put a donk on THAT, and then we'll talk.

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