Buzzworthy Obsession: Phoenix's New Track, '1901'

Randomly, last night during a commercial break of The Real Housewives of New York (wish I could quit you, Jill Zarin!), my friends and I started talking about Phoenix (if you've never heard of them, think Muse meets TV On The Radio meets Air) and wondering if the French pop-rock band was even still together. It had, after all, been a MINUTE AND A HALF since Phoenix dropped ANYTHING new, and I've been listening to half of Alphabetical and another half of It's Never Been Like That since 2006.

Well, zut alors, y'all! Phoenix just released their new single, "1901" this week, and it's a major rager from their upcoming album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, out May 25, 2009. I will now delude myself into thinking that I can simply say the name of an artist, and wake up the next day to discover they've got a new track out! Are you reading this, Deee-Lite?

+ Stream/ download Phoenix's new track, "1901."

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