Exclusive Photos: L_ly _l_en

(Photo Credit: Gregg Delman)

Who's that pop starlet hiding under the big ol' top hat, leaving us nothing for clues other than her pearly whites and gold hoops? Well, let's see. What can we deduce from the photo? The brown bob rules out Britney and Jessica. Katy's locks are longer. The flirty, it's-not-me-it's-you smile (which shows no trace of the fear) rules out Amy Winehouse (she has all of her teeth). Her nose is one of the cutest, littlest things I've ever seen, so it can't be the chick from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, although she was a great guess up until now. Without the eyes, she's tough to peg, but alright, still, isn't there something so familiar about that smirk? Think... Who's been hanging around MTV lately? Oh my God! Give up??? Well, click the photo and find out, genius!

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