Buzz Bites — 2/25/2009: David Archuleta Does Hannah Montana (Not In The Biblical Sense)

+ David Archulet-me congratulate you on your upcoming Hannah Montana appearance! Evidently Miley Cyrus was totally fun to work with and it was a hoot to be on set with everyone. Take that, haterz!  (Disney Society)

+ Better be sitting down for this one, kids. This. is. the. last. season. of. The. Hills. for. Lauren. Conrad.  AHH!!!! Who will provide me with all the awkward stares and knowing glances I have grown to love??? (TV Watch)

+ Resident narcotics hoover Lead singer Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies is no longer of Barenaked Ladies.  Not that we care, but seriously -- i will pry. shed a tearzorz everytime i sing "Chickity china the chinese chicken..." (E! Online)

+ A certain Miss P!nk is giving Britney a run for her money in the abs department. Take me to the "Funhouse" please!!! (The Sun)

+ What the ffffffffffffrenchtoast is Kanye West doing with THIS chick???? (The Evil Beet)

+ Do you think Plies could do a better tablescape than Sandra Lee?  My money's on Ft Myers. (Rap-Up)