Exclusive This Providence Interview: 'Yeah, We're Pretty Emo'

(Credit: Brian Appio)

Before blistering the paint off of NYC's Highline Ballroom with Ludo, Sing It Loud and The Morning Light, This Providence dropped by MTV for a photo session and a quick interview. The Seattle boys with the Aussie accent (courtesy of frontman Dan Young) have been banging out noisy, emotional anthems since 2003, in one incarnation or another.

In 2006, Young and his high school buddy/guitarist Gavin Phillips picked up David Blaise on bass and got signed to Fueled By Ramen. In 2007, they added Andy Horst on drums, toured with Paramore and officially started having to fight off hordes of fans with sticks. Here's a little insight into why you need their Who Are You Now? record (out March 17) more than you need water or toilet paper.

Buzzworthy: Here's an easy one -- why are you called This Providence?

This Providence: Well, you know, the meaning. Divine intervention. We like the idea of that. Destiny. That kind of describes us as a band. We were called and destined to make music.

BW: Y'all are from Seattle. There's a lot of musical baggage there. What do you connect more with: grunge or emo?

TP: Well, a little bit of everything, really. We're fans of Death Cab, Sunny Day, Jeremy Enigk... We like Nirvana. Have you heard of them? Don't know when they're gonna go on tour again, though. We've just been waiting.

BW: Would you call yourselves an emo band?

TP: (Dan Young) Yeah, we're pretty emo. We have depth to our music, and that's one kind of depth we have.

(Andy Horst) I don't even know what emo is anymore.

(Dan Young) Emo is just crying because your heart's broken. That's what songs have always been about.

(Gavin Phillips) We won't be mad if someone calls us emo.

BW: Does "My Beautiful Rescue" have a backstory?

TP: It does have a backstory, but I don't wanna share it, really. It's just a song about falling in love with someone you don't deserve.

BW: You've done a lot of touring with Paramore. Any gnarly road stories?

TP: Paramore are awesome. There's a girl in that band. We've toured with them a lot.

BW: Any falling in love?

TP: Unfortunately, no. Well, with Josh (Farro) a little bit. He's a looker.

BW: I'm sure "That Girl's A Trick" is about falling in love, too, right?

TP: Ha, yeah. It's about falling for the wrong girl.

BW: So you are totally emo!

TP: Yeah, see!

Watch "My Beautiful Rescue" and check This Providence's tour schedule to see when they're coming to your venue of choice.

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