Exclusive Kid Sister Interview: 'America, You Ain't Ready!'

How long have we been waiting on Kid Sister to drop that debut LP?? Mmm... feels like just about forever and a day. A month and a half ago she told Pitchfork, "I work at a really comfortable pace. It'll be done in the next couple of months." She told us the same thing yesterday (and a year ago), but we're not mad at all. Dream Date will come, and it will own our lives, and it will have been worth the wait. I know because I heard the latest cut yesterday, and DAYUMN, Kid Sis. How much nasty does one album really need??

Let's step back a minute now. I stumbled on a private photo shoot for the Reebok Classic Remix collection, starring Ms. Melisa Young, aka Kid Sister, herself. When she wasn't on stage twerkin' those knees for the cameras, it was a mellow time consisting mostly of make-up application and casual celebrity gossip (Onlooker: "I don't trust celebrities with three names." Kid Sister: "Sarah Michelle Gellar... she looks weird."), with Kid Sister's eight-pound Shetland furball Betsy scampering between our feet.

Buzzworthy: Dream Date... What's taking so long?

Kid Sister: Right now we're adding some songs and taking some other songs off. There were just a couple things on it that irked me. That I didn't feel all that comfortable with. So I was just like lemme take this back a minute because if i can't sleep at night... you know. You only get one first album. So we got some new songs and some new producers. Swedish House Mafia, A-Trak, Flosstradamus. And they are so nasty with it! You ain't ready, America, YOU AIN'T REH-DAY!

BW: Is there any end to that self-editing process?

KS: You know Matthew Santos? He's doing an album right now. Matt's very much like, 'Let's change this, let's change that.' Your perception [of what's good] changes everyday and, in a way, I guess you could never be done. But I'm ready to be done (laughs).

BW: How long have you been working on Dream Date now?

KS: It's been about a year. But before a year ago I wasn't even really sure that I was a real artist. I didn't think of what I was doing as an album. It was just silly drunken dirty party stuff. I worked three jobs. How do you call yourself a musician when you work at Bath & Body Works? It's just something you do at a party to have fun. But getting signed felt like it legitimized... well, let's just say that they PAIIIIID me, baby!

BW: What was the first thing you bought?

KS: A van! It's a baby mama van, and it's real old, but I like it a lot.

BW: You ever go back into Bath & Body Works?

KS: Yeah I go back in there like (singing) "I used to work here, nah nah nah nah nah nah." Naw. Really I'm like, "can I get a discount?" I'm a cheap-ass.

+ Check out exclusive photos of Kid Sister's Reebok Classic Remix (@Foot Locker March 10) shoot below.

photos by Daniel Arnold