Jonas Brothers Kinda Told Jimmy Kimmel That Barbara Walters Was Killink Them Softly

You can't really hate on Barbara Walters (okay, so you basically can, because it's hilarious), but lady's done paid her dues. She's sat down with Fidel Castro, gone face-to-face with Muammar Qaddafi, asked Katharine Hepburn what type of tree she'd be, and got a lap dance from Hugh Jackman, and truly, I'd probably rather be straddled by Castro.

So interviewing the Jonas Brothers would pretty much seem like cake next to chatting up deranged dictators, you know? But Jonases TOTALLY stonewalled Babs -- Nick and Joe especially -- and meanwhile, Kevin looked like he may or may not have been counting ceiling tiles.

But the best part of the whole thing happened last night, when Joe told Jimmy Kimmel that the Barbara Walters interview felt like it lasted three hours. The next best part -- their impression of Joaquin Phoenix -- seriously, you KNOW it's bad when the Jonas Brothers, who are the nicest dudes ever, are making fun of you! Time to give up the Mountain Man schtick already, bro.

Anyway, Jonases on Kimmel = Total LOLs. Now, back to listening to Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience soundtrack! (My favorite tracks is "Love Is On Its Way," followed by the Taylor Swift song "Should've Said No." What's yours?)

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