Buzz Bites — 2/24/2009: Taylor Momsen is Reckless!

+ This just in from left field: Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen's got a band?  What?! Who knew she could even sing?  (Teen Vogue)

+ The Hills resident hottie Audrina Patridge was robbed (and I don't just mean at the Oscars)!  She got burglarized for realz last night at her Hollywood Dell home. Hopefully they only got away with some scrunchies and a tube of Lip Venom. (E! Online)

+ Hilary Duff likes to sit in the stands (not up in VIP) and cheer on her New York Islander boyfriend Mike Comrie.  Hil girl -- pleeeease tell me that you wear a mouth guard (gotta protect the investments -- don't play!). (Us Magazine)

+ Our not-so-baby girl JoJo sings us a sweet bedtime lullaby from her forthcoming third studio album.  Don't you wish she and Joe Jonas were still hanging out??  How fun would THAT be?  Joe and JoJo Jonas.  i think I j-j-just pulled a muscle.  (PopDirt)

+ Tall glass of sweet tea Ciara popped over to our friends at 106th and Park to chat about, among other things, her upcoming single with Justin Timberlake.  Seriously -- they must be putting some Miracle-Gro in that sweet tea, y'all.  (Neon Limelight)

+ How do we feel about this snippet of PCD covering "Jai Ho," one of the songs from Oscar-winner "Slumdog Millionaire?"  I'm closing my eyes and picturing Britney's circus tent... and lots of midriff.  And sequins.  Ok it's kind of hot.  DO YOU HAVE YOUR TIX YET????? (People)