Sad Relic Of The Soon-To-Shutter Times Square Virgin Megastore: Forgotten Biggie Doll

I stopped into the Times Square Virgin Megastore this morning on my way to work to pick up the Incredibad album (yes, I actually still buy albums and still call them "albums" too), and aside from the fact that this location -- the one where the Jonas Brothers fought their way through massive midnight crowds to buy A Little Bit Longer this past August -- a scene you'll see AND LOVE in Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience -- is closing (thanks, INTERNET!) to make way for a MASSIVE Forever 21.

Anyway, EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE STORE IS PRICED TO MOVE, PEOPLE, as the garish orange signs will not allow you to forget for a second. But propped up against the wall in the very back of the store I found the saddest for-sale item -- this $29.00 Notorious B.I.G. doll, marked down an additional 20% off.

Seriously, buy the jokey penis books and "Guitar Hero" keychains and stuff, but not taking Biggie and leaving him here all by himself like this is like killing him all over again. Biggie, Mama's comin' for you! We're still missing you!

+ Vintage video: Diddy, Faith Evans, 112 & Sting remember Biggie at the 1997 VMAs with "Mo Money, Mo Problems / I'll Be Missing You (Live)." (This is one of all-time favorite VMA moments.)