New Video: Bow Wow, 'You Can Get It All'

T.I. may've offered to prove his love via a hardcore boutique binge in "Whatever You Like," but Bow Wow's taking his commitment to you step beyond that. And if Bow Wow's told you once, he's told you a THOUSAND times before -- he loves your mind AND your body! He EVEN SAYS SO in "You Can Get It All."

You still sending me crazy emails

Like i know it's just sex you want

I can't lie the sex is truly incredible

And every part of your body is so edible

I get tears from just thinking bout it

Awww! What a sweetie!

Check out Bow Wow's "You Can Get It All" video, directed by Hype Williams. The single was produced by Jermaine Dupri, BTW, and that familiar sample? It's TLC's "Baby-Baby-Baby." Fun fact -- Jermaine Dupri also makes a cameo in TLC's "Baby-Baby-Baby" video! (Watch it after the jump.) Also, does anyone wanna let that girl know that her butt is showing?

PS: You've only got one day left to ask Bow Wow a question!