Weekend Buzz Bites: Miley Cyrus to World -- My Dad is NOT Weird

+ In her upcoming memoir Miles to Go (and is there a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g this girl can't do?), Miley Cyrus clears up any "weirdness" rumors regarding her relationship with her dad Billy Ray: "For me, my dad is not weird at all." (D Listed)

+ Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are already taking their PTA responsibilities pretty seriously: Baby numero dos is on the way! (Us Magazine)

+ We think Jessica Simpson looks gorge! But, uhm, Richard Simmons kinda compared her to his 268-pound former fat self... AND is "praying for her." OUCH. (The Superficial)

+ We are srsly loving these vintage high school pics of Lady Gaga from waaay before she discovered lavender lipstick or Minnie Mouse hair bows. (Perez Hilton)

+ Katy Perry performed her single "Thinking Of You" at the Echo Awards this weekend in Germany, and ZOMG! KP Unplugged totally killed it! (Showbiz News)

+ After Shaquille O'Neil (@The_Real_Shaq) and Notorious B.I.G (@NotoriousBIG), our fave Twitter celeb is MC Hammer. He really kinda rules. Which is why we're so stoked that the dude just got his own reality show on A&E called (wait for it....): Hammertime! (Evil Beet)

+ If, like us, you've never *quite* been able to get over the awesomeness that was Michael Jackson's Off the Wall album, you will probably be pretty psyched to hear that the gloved/masked one might be doing a bunch of concerts this summer in London. If you're like everyone else on the planet and don't give a crap, you probably just wanna get back to your Miley Cyrus memoir... right... now. (Fafarazzi)

+ Is Chris Brown trying to win Rihanna back? With jewelry? (Seriously, dude?) (Hip-hop Chronicle)

+ We had never heard of Ahmir before, but this R&B remake of Britney Spear's "Womanizer" is made of pure awesomeness. (Poor Britney)

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