Top 5 Miley Cyrus Scandals Of All Time!

At the ripe old age of 16, Miley Cyrus has already had kick-ass hit songs, blockbuster movies, a dance off (!), and sold-out tours. But all of that hasn't come without its fair share of controversy. While we still think she's firmly planted on the good-girl side of the fence, she hasn't quite managed to keep herself scandal-free. So, herewith are the Top 5 Most Major Miley Cyrus Scandals Evarrr (so far):

5. HaXxZorZ: Miley's no stranger to technology, but being sooo web 2.0 has its consequences. Her YouTube channel was hacked earlier this year when some random weirdo posted a fake message that said she had died. And just this past week Miley's Twitter account was hardcore hacked ("Demi Lovato wears hair extensions," wha???).

4. Vanity Fair: Apparently peeps don't dig 15-year-old superstars gettin' all nekkid and posing in a sheet on the pages of Vanity Fair magazine. Lesson learned.

3. Demi/Selena Fight: Okay so this one was kinda Miley's fault. She and her BFF Mandy Jiroux made a YouTube video where they kinda/sorta made fun of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Miley claimed that it was all in good fun and that they were JKsies, but considering Selena's maybe-relationship with Miley's ex, Nick Jonas, it was hard to tell. And speaking of Nick Jonas, that brings us right up to No. 2!

2. Jonas Brothers: As hard as we try, it's pretty near impossible to think of Miley without thinking of the JoBros. Nick and Miley were obvs TLF for awhile, and though things didn't work out (see "7 Things"), we can't help but always feel like they'll forever be king and queen of the prom.

1. Asian Gate: Miley, honey, walk away from your digital camera (and, uhm... drop the racial pantomiming?) Just sayin'. Love Buzzworthy.

Oh wait... "She's just bein Miley!" (We forgot!)