The Buzz On: Audrye Sessions

There's no way you'd ever guess that Audrye Sessions are from California. Their lilting melodies, ever-swelling sound, their delicate pronunciations... even their clothes, haircuts and hometown (Livermore??) scream Brit-rock. And man do they scream it well! Like Muse covering U2 or The Verve with The Arcade Fire's berserk rhythm section.

Speaking of covers, much of the internet-addicted world got their first taste of Audrye Sessions when their weepy take on Elliott Smith's "Waltz #2" made the blog rounds. The band, which consists of Ryan Karazija (Vox, Guitar), Alicia Marie Campbell (Bass), Michael Knox (Guitar) and James Leste (Drums), has made short work of the offline world too, playing San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival, taking major strides at SXSW, touring with Margot & The Nuclear So & So's and quietly becoming one of Oakland's biggest deals. To add to the growing buzz, Audrye Sessions are in the process of translating their addictive vintage sound into their first full-length album. If you're a fan of Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Radiohead or Oasis, definitely give Audrye Sessions a whirl. Here's their video for "Turn Me Off."