Buzz Bites -- 2/12/2009: 50 Cent To World: Kanye Is So Not Gay, Y'all!

+ 50 Cent is happy to report that Kanye West is definitely not gay. He's just sensitive. (Perez Hilton)

+ New trainwreck of a couple alert: Courtney Love + Mickey Rourke are a couple? Um, VH1 reality programming execs, are you ON TOP OF THIS???. (Pop Eater)

+ Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, on the other hand, isn't afraid to fly his rainbow flag...even if it's just for moral support. (Towel Road)

+ Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh!! New/old David Archuleta song? "It's All About Love"!?!?!? (Team Archie)

+ Based on the recently leaked pics from the March ish of W magazine, we think Madonna and boy toy Jesus Luz make a pretty smokin' couple. We have no idea if the rumors about those two crazy kids are true, but for Madge's sake, we sincerely hope they are. (Hard Candy)

+ Mandy Moore and Ryan "Call Me Bryan And I'll Freak" Adams are engaged. Dorky dudes, there IS hope! (People)

+ File under interesting (read: potentially catastrophic) career choices: Jewel and Lil' Kim are on the next season's cast of Dancing With The Stars. (Stupid Celebrities)

+ Don't call it a comeback! Ciara's in Enrique Iglesias' new video, "Takin' Back My Love." (That Grape Juice)

+ Q: Guess who DIDN'T get nominated for a Country Music Award? A: Jessica Simpson. And we're sending you a an e-hug Jess, cause DAYOM, you had a rough coupla weeks. (Us Magazine)