New Video: K'Naan, 'ABC's'

You hear all the time about how hard the latest rapper is -- come up from the projects of Queens (50), the streets of L.A. (Game), the suburbs of Pennsylvania (Asher Roth!), or some such undesirable place. K'Naan grew up in The Lake Of Blood (aka Wardhiigleey), a district of Mogadishu only a stone's throw from the heart of the Somali Civil War. He also did a Nelly Furtado collab. Tough.

The Somali MC, who learned English from Nas and Rakim CDs sent back by his New York City cab-driving dad, isn't afraid to rub his individuality in your face (Bundle up my whole style is so cold/ I glow like old guys who go bald/ My flow got no front in the vocal/ Your flow got no button it's so old!). But he's more interested in spreading positive politics and educating through entertainment. Look:

I'm from the most risky zone - oh/ No place is more shifty global/ More pistols, Russian revolvers/ We shootin' all that is normal.But it ain't just because we want to/ We ain't got nowhere we can run to /Somebody please press the undo/ They only teach us the things that guns do.

Listen close and learn the new global "ABC's" the same way K'Naan (whose name means Traveler) did: through hip-hop.