Is Jack's Mannequin The New Bruce Hornsby?

"The Way It Is" won Bruce Hornsby and The Range a Best New Artist Grammy back in '87 and scored them millions of dollars. Nowadays it sounds overblown and cheesy, but back when music was made for and by adults, Bruce Hornsby was straight-up awesome (so were pastel suits :-/). If you don't believe me, consider the fact that even Tupac Shakur picked up on Bruce's sweetness and sampled some of the magic in his mega-jam, "Changes." It's likely that Pac picked up on Hornsby's civil rights-themed lyrics and drew parallels to his own racially-charged rhymes.

Now Jack's Mannequin are a bunch of white dudes and their lovelorn lyrics don't seem to be too concerned with race relations. But the piano that drives "The Resolution" is no doubt dead-on Hornsby. And, like Hornsby and 2Pac before them, that piano-line has served the Something Corporate side-project incredibly well as "The Resolution" is their biggest hit by far. So big that, as Buzzworthy mentioned this morning, the OC rockers have just re-released "The Resolution" as a live video filmed during last year's tour of intimate theaters (as I'm sure you remember, the orig was directed by Stephenie Meyer).

So, watch it. Listen close. Think about the fact that McMahon and Hornsby have both fronted multiple groups, all of which were tied together by piano and a passionate voice. Look at the length of their faces and their funny haircuts... Is there really any difference?

Well, yes. There is one difference. Now, instead of perms and private detectives in banana-colored blazers snapping along with underbites and their eyes closed, the audience is loaded with kids like you singing along at the tops of their lungs on the verge of tears. Strange times, eh? That's just the way it is.

+ Watch Jack's Mannequin live "The Resolution" video